Search Specialist

Bike Enthusiast

Welcome to iyclist. I am a search specialist and bike enthusiast. I have been doing search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, inbound marketing, etc. for roughly five years. During these five years I have worked with clients in many different industries, also during these five years I have been a bicycle commuter. Riding my bike, professional cycling and the bicycle industry have become a huge passion of mine. Now I want to take my profession and combine it with my passion.

My goal with iyclist is to offer my services as a search specialist to the bicycle industry. If you are a bike shop, distributor, cycling coach, manufacturer, I want to work with you. To work with me, contact me at Also, Find us on Google+.

Are you doing fantasy cycling? Check out Team iyclist.

Are you in the New England area? Check out some of my favortie bike organizations in the area, also check out some bicycle non-profits.